This course is about basic knowledge and skills to help you use a range of computing devices such as personal computers and tablet computers and smartphones. A key goal is to improve your confidence in using a range of modern computer devices such as a tablet computer.

The course covers practical skills and key knowledge about computers. You will learn the basic organisation of all computing devices and gain hands-on experience of using a number of devices. You will learn the correct names for the various parts of a computer and you will also learn how to use them safely.

The key skills that you will learn include: how to handle computer devices, how to use the software that comes with them, how to set-up computer devices, how to search for information using computers, and how to share information with your friends.

The course also covers the safe and ethical use of computers and will include discussions about a number of topics such as cyber bullying and protecting your privacy.


You can navigate between the different sections and subsections of the course using the menu at the top of the screen. You’ll also find a link to the next page at the bottom of each page.

Enjoy the course!

Assessment Opportunity
Every now and then you’ll see a box with this heading. It indicates opportunities to attempt a task that can be added to your portfolio for assessment purposes. Your tutor will tell you which tasks to attempt.

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